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NTUC May Day Awards 2024 honours 137 individuals for advancing the rights and welfare of workers

The awards ceremony will be held on 10 May 2024 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.
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The upcoming NTUC May Day Awards ceremony is set to honour 137 individuals who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to advancing workers' rights and welfare.


The ceremony will be held on 10 May 2024 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.


The annual event celebrates the contributions of union leaders, tripartite partners, management representatives, and workers who have championed the cause of workers' wages, welfare, and work prospects.


Under the overarching theme of "In solidarity, we take action because we care," the NTUC May Day Awards ceremony is a reminder of the collective effort required to foster a more equitable and just society for all workers.


This year's event marks a significant milestone with a record-breaking total of 179 awardees – including 42 organisations – who will be recognised for their exemplary service and dedication to the Labour Movement.


The individual awardees hail from both the private and public sectors. They have been instrumental in driving positive change within their respective spheres.


Through their unwavering support, they have embraced innovative programmes and solutions to transform workplaces, promoting lifelong learning initiatives to enhance workers' employability, representing workers' concerns, and serving as exemplary leaders and role models.


Unionists who champion all-collar workers


One of the highlights of this year's awards ceremony is the recognition of distinguished union leaders who have significantly contributed to the Labour Movement.


Among them are Lim Kuang Beng, Advisor to Education Services Union, Singapore Industrial and Services Employees’ Union (SISEU) and ST Engineering Staff Union (STESU), who will receive the Distinguished Service (Labour) award.


Mr Lim’s foresight and dedication to union representation have been instrumental in advocating for workers' rights within ST Engineering, leading to the formation of STESU, representing a diverse range of workers within the company.


Ong Hwee Liang, President of the SIA Engineering Company Engineers and Executives Union, will receive the Comrade of Labour (Star)(Bar) award.


His tireless efforts in protecting workers' rights and advancing their interests in the aerospace and aviation industry have been commendable, earning him recognition as a staunch advocate for worker welfare.


Other union leaders include Benjamin Tang Chun Wai, Ken Tan Yeong Kang, and Raymond Ong Thiam Khoon, who will be conferred with the Comrade of Labour (Star) award for their invaluable contributions to the Labour Movement.


Management representatives recognised for their contributions


Chong Kee Hiong, President of Orchid Country Club and Aranda Country Club, and Peter Seah, Chairman of the National Wages Council and Singapore Airlines Limited, are set to receive the Distinguished Service award for their continuous dedication to the Labour Movement.


Mr Chong’s proactive measures prioritised workers' welfare, promoting upskilling and facilitating inter-departmental learning. He helped ensure workers' needs were met by offering holistic leisure experiences.


Mr Seah, on the other hand, has significantly improved workers’ wages and welfare through his role in the development of tripartite guidelines. These include guidelines on flexible wage systems and wage recommendations for lower-wage workers.


His initiatives, such as advocating for a one-off special payment to lower- and middle-income workers, have complemented Government efforts to mitigate the higher cost of living.


Model workers recognised for their exemplary contributions


Recipients of the Model Worker award are those who embody the ethos of Worker 4.0, displaying the traits of “Ready, Relevant and Resilient”.


They improve job productivity, enhance employability through upskilling, and adapt to changing work environments.


Among the awardees are professionals like Hidayat Safiuddin, Assistant Nurse Clinician at National University Hospital; Joel Daniel Yap Jie Wei, Graphic Design Lead at Danamic; Jamal Abdulnasir Mohamed Kasbi, Senior Driving Instructor at Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd; Lau Sze Hui, Senior Teacher (Chinese Language) at the Ministry of Education; and Malini Subramaniam, Director of Industrial Relations and Membership at Union of Telecoms Employees of Singapore.


These individuals inspire their peers, embodying excellence in their respective fields and driving positive change within their workplaces.


The NTUC May Day Awards will also recognise outstanding organisations that support workers' welfare and rights.


The complete list of awardees can be found at