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The NTUC Women’s Committee embarked on a Learning Journey to Penang from 7 Sep to 9 Sep 2017 to learn about Penang’s approach to issues such as workforce transformation, women’s advancement, and progressive workplaces.

Towards Gender Neutral Professions

Find out from NTUC Women’s Committee Chairperson K Thanaletchimi, on what is needed to help ramp up the number of women in STEM.

Pushing Boundaries

Meet Lynette Tan, the first female Director of Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), who takes pleasure in pushing boundaries in expanding what humans can achieve.

Helping Returners get Back on their Feet

Find out how job trials and flexible work arrangement programme help women back to work

From A Dad: Employees' emotional and mental wellness - just as important

U Family's activist, Eric, shares his views on why employers should offer more support for working mums.

Face 2 Face with Nurul Husna Ghali

Nurul Husna Ghali shares how she manages her time for union work, family and career.

Chances and Choices

Find out how Rossana Chen spends her days making a positive impact on those around her.

The Embracing Parenthood Movement

NTUC supports the new community-led initiative, “People’s Association Embracing PArenthood Movement: Community Celebration of New-Borns”, by giving out the NTUC Good Start Bundle to families of newborns to support young parents on their parenthood journey.

Leading By Example

Meet Betty Ang, who is soft-spoken but more than capable of holding her own as a female executive and union leader in a male-dominated industry.

Balancing Work and Union Duties

Hear from Sivamani Taigrajan on why more women should take up union work.

Engineering a Career

National Floorball player and full-time engineer, Laura Tan shares her advice to women interested in the engineering industry.

The Supportive Employer

A grateful employee’s story on how she benefited from a progressive employer with work-life friendly practices.

Giving Up Not an Option

Hasliza Ali, a divorcee and mother of two daughters, shares how she overcame all odds to be a successful woman returner.

Leveling The Playing Ground

Singapore may still have some way to go in the gender equality race, but NTUC’s approach may be gaining some traction. Read on for more.

Getting ahead while balancing a career and family life

Worklife balance is possible. Read on to find out how woman engineer Josephine Quah did it.

Singapore’s top women engineers accredited prestigious title of Chartered Engineer (CEng) in railway & transportation engineering

Edelene Ee was one of the first few women engineers accredited as a Chartered Engineer, a prestigious title awarded by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). Read on for her success story.

International Women's Day Message 2017

From Ms K. Thanaletchimi, Chairperson of NTUC Women’s Committee

Science and Engineering: Fair Game for Both Sexes

Meet a woman engineer, entrepreneur and leader, and get her thoughts on women issues in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Prevalence of Breastfeeding in Singapore

The National Breastfeeding Survey (NBFS) series provides national statistics on the prevalence and duration of breastfeeding among mothers in Singapore. Read about it here.

5 Ways to Help Breastfeeding Mums at the Workplace

How can employers make breastfeeding mothers feel more welcomed at the office? Here are 5 suggestions from us.

Project Liquid Gold: Supporting breastfeeding mums at work

Find out about Project Liquid Gold and how you too can make your workplace more supportive for breastfeeding mums.

5 Common Myths Of Breastfeeding At Work

Here's the truth behind some common myths about breastfeeding at work.

Is Singapore Becoming More Breastfeeding-Friendly?

Here are reasons why we think this little red dot is becoming more breastfeeding-friendly.

Breastfeeding E-guide For Mothers

Read this online guide to learn all you need to know about breastfeeding.

Before Going On Maternity Leave: What All Breastfeeding Mums Should Do

Are you a working mums-to-be? Read on what you should do BEFORE go on maternity leave.

Returning To Work: What All Breastfeeding Mums Should Do

Worried about how you can continue breastfeeding after your maternity leave ends? Find out more here.

NTUC Secretary-General: Womenfolk Have Requisites to Strike NTUC Secretary-General: Womenfolk Have Requisites to Strike Out on Their Own in Many Areas

There are opportunities for women to advance in leadership and advocacy roles by expanding their influence, capability and capacity.

Home Away from Home on Jurong Island

Putting 'Jurong Island' and 'family' in the same equation.

Pro-Family Policies at Work

Greenwave Systems Pro-family initiatives help employees take a step closer to work-life balance.

Workplace Challenges Women Face

60% of breastfeeding mums have access to lactation space at work now, compared to 35% in our 2013 poll. There are opportunities for more support in the workplace, as 31% of the breastfeeding mums who do not have private lactation room or space, have to express milk at toilets and storerooms.

Breastfed Babies In Infant Care Centres - What Should Parents Look Out For?

A supportive infant care centre can help ease the worries of breastfeeding mothers who want to continue providing breast milk to their children after returning to work. From A Dad: Sand & Water In A Family

Read this engaging story of how Eric and his son strengthened their familial bond.

MDPA 2016: Build a Family-Friendly Workplace – KONE Pte Ltd

Family-friendly workplaces enables employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfill both their family and work responsibilities.


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